The WEASA 2015 edition was devoted to one of the most pressing issues of recent years – energy security. The participants reflected on the impact of energy architecture on the global, regional and national markets and their broader influence on both domestic and foreign policy. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities for assuring energy security in their respective countries, as well as within the European Union and in the United States.

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Starting from the second edition WEASA concentrates on one specific thematic focus each year. WEASA 2014 eidition entitled “Politics, Economy and Society in the Era of Mobility: Perspectives for the Eastern Partnership States” concetrated on the threats and challenges of the globalized world as well as the new horizons and opportunities which are created by technological developments, economic intergration processes as well as political developments.

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WEASA pilot edition took place in July 2013. WEASA founders aimed to develop a networked-base of alumni, familiar with both the core principles of democratic governance and economic management as well as the institutional functions of the European Union and NATO.

The pilot edition covered a broad range of issues.

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