Previous editions


WEASA 2018, named The Politics of Technology, looked at a variety of topics, including: The role of journalism in a digital age, as well as the fight against misinformation and disinformation The part that social media plays in democracy and... { read more }


WEASA 2017, entitled Digital Community: Security, Information and Economy, looked at the many (geo)political, social, and economic challenges that emerged as our society shifted towards an increasingly digital one. We investigated issues such as fake news and political bots, discussed... { read more }


In 2016, WEASA focused on regional security and development. 2015 and 2016 proved to be fascinating, if sometimes turbulent, years for Eastern Partnership countries: many of them have been subjected to frozen conflicts or geopolitical difficulties, and are still classified... { read more }


The WEASA 2015 edition was devoted to one of the most pressing issues of recent years - energy security. The participants reflected on the impact of energy architecture on the global, regional and national markets and their broader influence on both... { read more }


Starting from the second edition WEASA concentrates on one specific thematic focus each year. WEASA 2014 eidition entitled "Politics, Economy and Society in the Era of Mobility: Perspectives for the Eastern Partnership States" concetrated on the threats and challenges of the globalized... { read more }


WEASA pilot edition took place in July 2013. WEASA founders aimed to develop a networked-base of alumni, familiar with both the core principles of democratic governance and economic management as well as the institutional functions of the European Union and NATO.... { read more }