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WEASA 2023: Security and resilience in a changing world

This year’s edition of WEASA will take place July 2-12, 2023 at the College of Europe in Natolin! WEASA is an annual summer school for mid-career professionals from the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans, and Poland organized in partnership by: The College of Europe in Natolin, the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Here are the WEASA2023 Program and WEASA2023 Speakers


Security, geopolitics and digital affairs

WEASA editions have examined a variety of topics – from energy security to regional development. Between 2017 and 2021, WEASA has looked specifically at how digital technology has transformed our thinking on social, political, economic and security issues. Consequently, we have decided to strengthen our focus specifically on digital affairs which continues to be a key component of WEASA editions. The February 24th 2022 full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine once again highlighted key issues of geopolitics and security for the region. WEASA will continue to examine such key topics as geopolitics, European integration, security cooperation and linking the importance of these topics to both regions

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WEASA discussion: Two roads towards the EU: how differently Georgia and Albania are moving forward?

We are thrilled to share with you another successful collaboration of our alumni members Nino Samkharadze from Georgia and Dr. Gentjan Skara from Albania.  Although their respective editions (2020 and 2021) are different, WEASA links its alumni members through many initiatives, such as the WEASA Peer-to-Peer Meetings. The aim of the initiative is to fulfil […]


WEASA Research presentation: “Mediating the Balkan conflict: the role of good neighbours” 

We are pleased to present to you a great collaboration between our alumni members Jovan Gjorgovski from North Macedonia, and Jetnor Kasmi from Albania. Jovan and Jetnor, who are from the WEASA 2022 edition, have remained in contact with one another following graduation, sharing thoughts and information, particularly about the conflicts in the Balkans. They […]


Summary of the intense year of WEASA2023

WEASA 2023 summer academy completed its mission  The WEASA2023 program was deliberately designed with the global geopolitical environment in mind, with a particular emphasis on the effects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine in the countries of Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans.   40 representatives from 13 countries participated in the intense 10-day summer academy, which […]