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WEASA 2021 will take place July 12-21, 2021. Due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of the safety of our participants and staff, we have opted to organize the 2021 edition of the academy in a wholly online format.


Digital Affairs for the foreseeable future

WEASA (short for the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy) is a now-annual summer school for mid-career professionals from the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans, and Poland. A wide range of policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, NGO professionals, journalists, and journalists have taken part in the academy so far.

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Latest news


#WEASA2021: the final day!

The final bold accord of WEASA 2021 was devoted to the investigative journalism and it was presented by one of the bravest investigative journalists in the region Anna Babinets who is the editor-in-Chief of co-founder and editor-in-chief of the independent investigative agency Slidstvo.Info, and also works at OCCRP (Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project). She shined […]


#WEASA2021: Day 7

Whenever we have Łukasz Krol (also his Twitter account) it means that the sessions take very energetic and chaotic character, as he is! The seventh day started with the continuation of the Digital Security session with a Q&A session on secure passwords, the usage of VPNs, COVID-19 related apps and many other digitally-peculiar questions which […]


#WEASA2021: Day 6

ΤAs we promised in our Sunday teasing video, we began this week with one of our amazing sessions with the digital security guru, and Program Designer of #WEASA2021, Łukasz Król (his twitter account as well). Based on the reactions from the participants, the session was truly useful but also entertaining. Łukasz went through a a […]