Information war and the new geopolitical reality

Recruitment for #WEASA2022 is now closed! The amount of interest was enormous. Thank you to all who applied for this year’s edition. Our selection committee is working diligently to finalize the list of candidates for this year’s edition. Stay tuned!

This summer, July 10-18 2022, Warsaw, WEASA2022!

During 2022 edition of WEASA we will discuss two broad themes: 1) the information war which was taking place before, during and will take place after the physical war; and 2) the new geopolitical reality in which we now find itself as a result of the war. Find out more below.


Digital Affairs for the foreseeable future

WEASA (short for the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy) is a now-annual summer school for mid-career professionals from the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans, and Poland. A wide range of policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, NGO professionals, journalists, and journalists have taken part in the academy so far.

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WEASA2022 General Program is finalised

Good news! We are sharing with you the preliminary agenda for #WEASA2022. Slight changes still may occur, which will be communicated with you especially with the full list of speakers and short descriptions of each session. Here is the WEASA 2022 General Program Warm regards, WEASA Team


Alumni Opportunities at #WEASA2022

Dear Alumni, We are excited to announce this year during #WEASA2022 we have some very special opportunities for alumni to get involved presented below! * Become a WEASA 2022 Alumni Group Facilitator! What does a group facilitator do? This year, like last year, we will engage our alumni even more during the WEASA edition. We […]


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After the collapse of the Soviet Union the union countries obtained the possibility to get independent and choose another way of living: democracy. Unfortunately both in theory and in practice the change in regimes is not smooth and easy especially in the face of the rise of authoritarianism, which does not intend to give up […]