We have selected small grant projects to support

4 October 2018

Every year, we work on making sure that there are some follow-ups to WEASA, be it informal meetings with the summer school alumni or a publication showing off participants' work. We have something even more exciting in store this year: for the first time ever, we will be launching a... { read more }

WEASA - the final days

20 July 2018

Wednesday focused on a completely new topic: free speech online and social media moderation. We met tech ethicist Matthew Stender and discussed what content should be kept off social media, and what can stay up. This is a difficult question. Participants themselves could not universally agree on what content should... { read more }

WEASA - days six and seven

17 July 2018

We hit the ground running in the second week of WEASA. On Monday, we welcomed veteran journalist Edward Lucas, who shared his immense knowledge on matters related to modern journalism, disinformation, and much more. Participants had the chance to listen to his lectures, while also taking part in an extensive... { read more }

WEASA - days four and five

15 July 2018

Day four. Things are getting real. We are continuing to focus on information and disinformation. Margo Gontar from has visited our summer school, and we are conducting an exercise in which participants are designing their own disinformation campaigns. (We do, of course, follow up on those campaigns immediately, learning... { read more }

WEASA - days two and three

11 July 2018

We started off our first formal lecturing days by talking about information and disinformation. We analysed the topic both at a wide level, which allowed us to think the matter through from a philosophical and policy point of view, and through a narrower lens, which gave the chance to explore... { read more }

WEASA - day one

9 July 2018

WEASA has officially begun! We started with our opening ceremony, where Dr Joanna Świątkowska served as our inaugural speaker, giving participants deep insights into modern information- and cybersecurity. We didn't just learn about modern cyber-threats: we also learned how perceptions thereof evolved over time. Once, computer scientists were the only... { read more }

We have selected our WEASA 2018 participants!

18 June 2018

We have read through all of your WEASA 2018 applications, and have selected just over 50 candidates who will be joining us in Warsaw this summer! The participants represent a huge range of countries from all across the Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans and, for the first time in WEASA history,... { read more }