WEASA discussion: Two roads towards the EU: how differently Georgia and Albania are moving forward?

We are thrilled to share with you another successful collaboration of our alumni members Nino Samkharadze from Georgia and Dr. Gentjan Skara from Albania.  Although their respective editions (2020 and 2021) are different, WEASA links its alumni members through many initiatives, such as the WEASA Peer-to-Peer Meetings. The aim of the initiative is to fulfil […]


WEASA Research presentation: “Mediating the Balkan conflict: the role of good neighbours” 

We are pleased to present to you a great collaboration between our alumni members Jovan Gjorgovski from North Macedonia, and Jetnor Kasmi from Albania. Jovan and Jetnor, who are from the WEASA 2022 edition, have remained in contact with one another following graduation, sharing thoughts and information, particularly about the conflicts in the Balkans. They […]


Summary of the intense year of WEASA2023

WEASA 2023 summer academy completed its mission  The WEASA2023 program was deliberately designed with the global geopolitical environment in mind, with a particular emphasis on the effects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine in the countries of Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans.   40 representatives from 13 countries participated in the intense 10-day summer academy, which […]


WEASA alumni meetings have been inspiring!

2023 was full of alumni meetings both organised by WEASA and initiated by alumni members.   The meetings with alumni members in North Macedonia, Armenia and Georgia have proven to be productive. The meetings fostered a pleasant ambience between WEASA and the alumni, as well as an interesting and effective interaction between them. The fulfilling moment […]


WEASA P2P Meeting of Giorgi Iashvili: Improving the cyber resilience of the State Election Commission of North Macedonia

Another exciting story related to the WEASA P2P Meetings is initiated by our active Georgian alumnus Giorgi Iashvili to North Macedonia, where he was being hosted by another engaged alumnae Marija Gjorgieva.  Since attending the summer academy for the first time in 2017, Giorgi has been connected with WEASA. He has actively participated in alumni […]


WEASA P2P Meeting of Vlada Ciobanu: Data visualisation skills taken from Georgia to Moldova

Vlada, WEASA2022 alumnae, is a prominent presentative of Moldovan civil society. As a part of Primaria Mea NGO, she and her colleague have created a platform where they discuss data-driven urban issues in Chisinau and offer solutions. She also works at the Centre for Policies and Reforms, where she specialised in advising national and municipal […]


WEASA2023 Research ideas are selected!

The selection of WEASA2023 Research is over.  We would like to thank all of you for your amazing ideas submitted for the WEASA2023 research. As a Team it is extremely difficult for us to choose between the great topics.    The topics proposed touch upon the European integration processes in the countries of Eastern Partnership, disinformation […]


WEASA2023 P2P Meetings initiatives are known! 

After successful implementation of the pilot project last year, we are committed to continue alumni-centered and alumni led initiative, which is aimed at satisfying the requests and recommendations of our alumni who want to get to know one another better. WEASA Peer-to-Peer Meetings Initiative promotes the interaction between alumni members by providing them support for […]


WEASA 2023 Research Projects Call for Proposals

Calling all WEASA Alumni! Do you have a research idea that you would like to pursue that fits the WEASA profile? Perhaps you have been working on a research project but haven’t been able to finish it or need somewhere to publish it? Proposal your idea for the 2023 WEASA Research Support Grant! WEASA has […]


Time for WEASA Peer-to-Peer Meetings

We are pleased to announce that after the successful implementation of the pilot project WEASA peer-to-peer (P2P) professional meetings in 2022 together with our partners we agreed to continue this great initiative! The call for WEASA P2P meetings is open for 2023! Aim The aim of the initiative is to satisfy the requests and recommendations […]