WEASA 2016 participants are welcome to submit their policy briefs proposals to be included in the WEASA 2016 publication.


Policy briefs should discuss the issues that fall within one of the WEASA 2016 key topics:

  • Cross-border cooperation;
  • Central-regional relations, including the role of regional elites;
  • Regional security and crisis management dimension;
  • Clusters development and economic growth

The length of the final briefs should be between 4 and 8 pages

The policy briefs proposals will be evaluated by WEASA 2016 publication editor.


Authors of the accepted policy briefs will receive a honorarium of 100 euro.


Policy briefs proposals submission deadline: 19 September 2016

First draft submission deadline: 9 October 2016

Final text – 16 October 2016


Please submit your proposals to the address contact@dev.weasa.org