We are happy to present WEASA 2016 publication in which WEASA participants and speakers present their reflection on the issues covered during the fourth edition of the Academy.

Our authors covered the following topics:

Euro-Atlantic support to Eastern Partnership countries on Regional Policy and Development: Introduction (Hrant Kostanyan)

Lessons from Jean Monnet and Thomas Hobbes: the 2015 review of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Common Foreign and Security Policy (Frédéric Schwandt)

Development cooperation and the European Neighbourhood Policy (Fabienne Bossuyt)

Cross-border cooperation in the EU’s policy towards eastern neighbours (Rafał Sadowski )

Parliamentary Elections with Flavor of Local Elites (Archil Zhorzholiani)

Updating strategy for Luhansk region development: changes and challenges in consequence of the armed conflict and occupation (Inna Semenenko)

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