After a lengthy selection process, we have selected the winners of the WEASA 2019 small grants programme! The following projects will receive funding:


  • An analysis of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Campaign within the framework of 2019 Parliamentary Election and Union State integration processes in Belarus
  • The publishing of a textbook entitled Soft Power in International Relations
  • Publicising and translating a handbook on Increasing Societal Resilience by Awareness Raising about Hostile Narratives
  • A research project on e-participation in Ukraine, its current state and perspectives
  • A nationwide cybersecurity training project for high school and university students
  • A research project providing a critical overview of counter-disinformation campaigns in Western Balkans


The WEASA small grants programme began last year. Alumni of the summer are encouraged to think of after-projects they can implement in their home countries and which are related to the main WEASA curriculum. The programme has been an overwhelming success, having led to the establishment of high-profile projects such as a counter-disinformation NGO.