WEASA first started as a summer academy. Later, we added microgrants which gave participants the opportunity to network and build their own projects. Now, we have developed an ambitious new program for our alumni – introducing the WEASA Fellowship Program!

The WEASA Fellowship Program is designed exclusively for WEASA alumni members to meet their professional needs and help them stay in more touch with WEASA and further improve their professionalism and networking. This is a program for talented mid-career professionals who would like to pursue new projects with organisations that are willing to host them.  

The pilot program will be run after #WEASA2021 edition. We designed it on purpose to give a chance for 2021 participants to apply as well.  

Stay tuned for more details!  

Meanwhile, to WEASA alumni – do not forget to register to our Communication Platform and start interacting with your colleagues from all previous WEASA editions 

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Warm regards, 

WEASA team