Starting from this year, WEASA team has enhanced opportunities for WEASA alimni to stay in touch and network. To help facilitate this process, the WEASA team has launched an online communications platform as a one-stop shop for all WEASA participants, alumni, and partners. The platform allows users to interact with each other, share announcements and learn about upcoming and exciting WEASA activities. 

One new opportunity for alumni is the WEASA Group Facilitation Program. The program aims to engage alumni members to take part in WEASA content facilitation. The group facilitators will run the break-out sessions followed by the lectures.  

The best group facilitators have already been chosen and their mission will be to create a favourable environment for the participants to be engaged in discussions.  

Our team have arranged high-quality facilitation training for them to help them with Dirk Staler to be fully ready for the summer academy. We are very much looking forward in cooperation with our alumni in a new format. 

Apart from it, WEASA 2021 Program Designer Lukasz Krol carried out the second Group Facilitation workshop to spread more light on the peculiarities of the sessions which the facilitators will be moderating.  

Group facilitators are motivated, we are excited! Just counting days! 

Wishing all of best luck during #WEASA2021!