Whenever we have Łukasz Krol (also his Twitter account) it means that the sessions take very energetic and chaotic character, as he is!

The seventh day started with the continuation of the Digital Security session with a Q&A session on secure passwords, the usage of VPNs, COVID-19 related apps and many other digitally-peculiar questions which were of interest to our participants.

The second part of the session was in a break-out group style, where we were assigned to seek information on different digital applications by digging through the internet. And we did it!

The afternoon short session was devoted to cryptocurrencies. Brenna Smith presented  an introduction to cryptocurrencies and bitcoin forensics. We discussed the current crypto landscape, who the main users are and how it could be used by hostile non-state actors.

And of course, we could not omit covering the WEASA Town gathering! The funniest parts of WEASA are that you do not need to know the games to play. That’s how we played Poker without a proper knowledge of the game rules or the incognito game! And we got an idea to hold alumni meetings here! Tomorrow we will talk more about it as well.

This much for today!

Tomorrow we have the final session with Anna Babinets about investigative journalism and then the GRADUATION OF WEASA2021! It is hard to believe it is nearing an end.