We are delighted to announce about our panel discussion on “Lies and consequences: Current trends in understanding disinformation in Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans” on November 23rd, from 19:30 CET.

The discussion will be featuring WEASA alumni members:

Maria Avdeeva, Research Director at the European Expert Association (Ukraine)

Elmas Hasanović, Expert in cyber security and disinformation, Fullbright Scholar.

In this special webinar, we will discuss with our panelists current role that disinformation plays in their respective countries. We will learn about narratives and techniques used to influence societies in the region of Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans. We will hear about new methods in identifying and countering these narratives and discuss with participants best practices going forward.

The panel discussion will be moderated by the Editor in-Chief of New Eastern Europe and Project Manager of WEASA Adam Reichardt.

The discussion will be interactive and we encourage students and those interested to register for the online Zoom discussion here: https://bit.ly/3qQxViV

Warm regards,

WEASA team