With the support of the Polish American Freedom Foundation WEASA announces the launch of a pilot WEASA Fellowship Program!

The long-awaited WEASA Fellowship Program aims to connect talented mid-career professionals, alumni of WEASA, who would like to pursue a specific project in the areas covered by WEASA (technology, digital and cyber security issues, politics and technology, data journalism, data visualization, fight against disinformation, etc.) with Polish-based organisations that are willing to host them for a three month period. Two Fellows will be chosen in this special pilot phase for the period of mid-March to mid-June period.


The Fellow will receive monthly support of 1 000 EUR for living expenses plus 300 EUR for costs of travel from and to the country of origin.


The pilot edition of the WEASA Fellowship Program will be open to all WEASA Alumni (2013-2021).   


Candidates will apply for the Fellowship via the WEASA Communications Portal. If you still do not have an account, please, create an account first and apply for the Fellowship. The application is considered complete if you submit your CV, and present your motivation and the project idea (the title of the project, the aim of the project, the expected outcome of the project, the tools and methods to be used to reach the outcome). In the application form, you are given a chance to make a 1st and 2nd choice for the host institution. It would be convincing for the selection committee if you speak about your choices in the application form. 


The preselected applicants will be notified and invited for an online interview during the second week of February 2022. The final results will be announced at the end of the second week of February 2022.


The placement will be done based on the profile of the candidate, the proposed project, as well as his/her choice in the application form, and the interview. The Fellow will be provided a mentor at the host institution who will work with the Fellow to monitor the Fellow’s progress and cooperate on other projects.


WEASA Fellowship Program currently has six host institutions in Poland who are willing to host and exchange their experience with our WEASA Fellows. One host institution is entitled to work only with one Fellow. The host institutions are as follows: New Eastern Europe Magazine, Visegrad Insight, Geremek Foundation, Pulaski Foundation, Wise Europa, Kosciuszko Institute. The full profile of each host institution can be found here.


The deadline for the application is February 3.

Before applying we strongly recommend you get acquainted with the General Rules of Participation in the WEASA Professional Fellowship Program.

For any questions, please contact the WEASA Coordinator via the communication platform.

We wish you good luck!

Warm regards,