Today more than ever the information flow is so huge that content consumers try to digest the obtained information as quickly as possible. At the same time, the content creators seek to make their content attractive to gain audience, sales revenues, and/or followers.

Be it a journalist, a researcher or a communication or media person everyone wants to attract and expand its audience. And one of the ways, which may help the content to be understood widely, is to use visuals. 

Different studies show that the content with a photo/infographic is easier, faster and quicker to understand than a plain text without any visuals. Moreover, the probability that one can share a content with a visual is higher than just a simple text. In social media if you have a visual, the reach and views are several times more than a simple text!

Knowing the profiles of our alumni members and striving to help them improve their skills, we initiate this free training and workshop for them on how to make simple infographics for their daily activities. 

WEASA 2018 alumnus from Armenia Suren Deheryan, the Editor-in-Chief of the first data reporting platform in Armenia ( will deliver online training on basics of infographics for the ones who have NO EXPERIENCE at all on May 5 at 17:00 (CET). During the training Suren will show the basic techniques and principles of making a literate and easy to understand infographics. The training will be followed by a workshop on May 7. at 12:00 (CET) The aim of the workshop is to present the “homework” based on the skills obtained at the training and discuss the created infographic with Suren and the peers.

The places are limited. We encourage our alumni members to register here.

For any questions, please, contact us:

See you soon.

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