We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new initiative for our alumni members։ the WEASA peer-to-peer meetings! 


The aim of the initiative is to satisfy the requests and recommendations of our alumni who want to get to know one another better. It will promote the interaction between alumni members by providing them support for visiting their peers, researching a field of interest, holding interviews, or other professional initiatives. This year we are able to sponsor 3-4 alumni members (travel and accommodation for 3-4 days in a host country) depending on the proposed budget. The limit per visit is 500 EUR. 

Currently, 12 alumni have announced a willingness to be a WEASA host. Our Albanian, Armenian, Georgian, North Macedonian, and Polish alumni are eager to welcome their peers and share experiences. Each organisation will host only one WEASA alumni member. But the alumni are encouraged to meet other organisations and/or other alumni members, which will be considered as an advantage for the selection.  

The interested alumni members are invited to the forum (Calls and opportunities) of the WEASA Communication Platform, where the details about the host institutions and the contacts of the host alumni members can be found. 

How to apply 

Dear alumni, if you are interested in any of the WEASA hosts, please, get in touch with the host alumni member, discuss your needs, make sure that the organisation is ready and available to host you, and agree on a time frame. After that you can apply for the program by sending your motivation letter to contact@weasa.org 

The motivation letter should include: 1) the aim of the visit; 2) the reasons for choosing the WEASA host/organization; 3) A draft plan of the visit along with proposed dates; 4) the outcome(s) of the visit; and 5) a proposed budget.  

The reimbursement will be made after the visits upon presenting the proof of the expenses. 

Please, make sure to organise the visit before Mid-November. 

The deadline for submitting the application is 27th of September 2022. 

The selection process will be carried out based on the relevance and the outcome of the visit. 

For questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Warm regards,