European integration is in the heart of each Ukrainian and Kseniya is not an exception. As a practitioner, working for the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine on civilian security sector reform, Kseniya is currently implementing research on the efficiency of international organizations into the reform processes in the countries on their path to EU membership. Given the fact that Ukraine and Georgia are both interested in the accession process, the Georgian experience is of direct relevance for Ukraine. 

Being also a scholar, with a PhD in political science, studying security policy and EU integration issues, Kseniya wanted to approach her research from different perspectives. She had meetings with Georgian WEASA alumni working at the Parliament, civilian security sector and civil society. In particular, she was being hosted by WEASA alumni of 2022 Ana Natsvilishvili, a member of the Georgian Parliament and Lana Turashvili, working at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. During her visit, Kseniya also managed to incorporate a small WEASA 2015 reunion with her research: she met her peers from WEASA 2015 Natallia Rabava and Sophia Petriashvili who represent the civil society (School of Young Managers in Public Administration and World Vision respectively). 

Kseniya is now back in Ukraine and even under the difficult circumstances, when there is an ongoing war, with heating and electricity shortages, she is preparing the findings of her meetings. They will be incorporated into a larger research project on performance evaluation and reporting systems for international donor organizations. This is especially relevant to Ukraine, given the large number of assistance programs already being implemented with more to be offered for the recovery of the country after the war. 

While the meetings have ended, the collaboration has not. Kseniya and the Georgian alumni agreed to continue the exchange of expertise on practical matters related to the reform agendas of both countries.  

We are hopeful that with our contribution Kseniya will bring significant input into the research and this will serve its ultimate goal: to help Ukraine in its recovery. 

WEASA would like to thank Ana, Lana, Natallia and Sophia who hosted Kseniya and made her research possible.