The selection of WEASA2023 Research is over. 

We would like to thank all of you for your amazing ideas submitted for the WEASA2023 research. As a Team it is extremely difficult for us to choose between the great topics.   

The topics proposed touch upon the European integration processes in the countries of Eastern Partnership, disinformation and war propaganda issues in both Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans, the influence of the war in Ukraine in the civil society in Belarus, economy and sanctions in Belarus, hybrid threats in the Western Balkans. 

Finally, after the interview of shortlisted candidates and consultation with our partners the following two original topics have been chosen for this year’s WEASA research:   

  • “The lobby of the Belarusian regime in the EU” (proposed by Vadim Mojeiko (Belarus))  
  • “Cooperation through change: Mediating the Balkan conflict – the role of good neighbours” (a joint research project proposed by Jovan Gjorgovski (North Macedonia) and Jetnor Kasmi (Albania)) 

The reasons behind this choice are connected to novelty and originality of the proposed topics, cross-cultural character of the research, the content of previously implemented research, as well as the feasibility of the realization of the project within the given time frame. 

We would like to congratulate Vadim Mojeiko, Jovan Gjorgovski and Jetnor Kasmi for their great ideas. We wish them good luck.