2023 was full of alumni meetings both organised by WEASA and initiated by alumni members.  

The meetings with alumni members in North Macedonia, Armenia and Georgia have proven to be productive. The meetings fostered a pleasant ambience between WEASA and the alumni, as well as an interesting and effective interaction between them. The fulfilling moment was to hear alumni talking about their collaboration and even becoming friends. 

In addition, with the assistance of our Ukrainian partner Rubryka – Solutions from Ukraine, we were able to arrange an online gathering with our Ukrainian alumni to talk about a subject that is very significant to them: “Winning the war and winning the peace: how to ensure civil society in Ukraine’s reconstruction.”

The extremely competitive profiles of our alumni members are worthy of attention. They work at government offices, such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of European integration, managerial positions in NGOs or INGOs, professionals in media sphere, academic and cyber security related fields. 

The willingness of our alumni members to interact with us is indeed thrilling. Engaging with them has also been advantageous because one of the goals of the alumni meetings was to generate ideas for the WEASA edition that will take place the following year. As a result, we have a tonne of unforgettable memories from our trips to Skopje, Yerevan, and Tbilisi as well as some really creative ideas that we will definitely be including into the WEASA2024 concept note! 

It’s important to note that, after all, our alumni still get together on their own initiative. Usually, we find out about this through alerts from our weasa WhatsApp groups, which often contain lovely pictures and greetings from around the globe! This is, in fact, an amazing networking done by our amazing alumni! 

We appreciate our alumni’s involvement, their efforts to promote WEASA and just to be as cool as they are!