What an intense day! 😀

For the morning session Nad’a Kovalčíková (also her Twitter account) Program Manager and Fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy in The German Marshall Fund of the United States, introduced her approach for Building democratic resilience. We were ecstatic to see how the participants as well as our group facilitators, who are WEASA alumni members, were actively involved right from the beginning of the session with their to the point questions, remarks and contributions.

Additionally, we had a nice small session devoted to country specific examples presented by participants from Armenia, Georgia and Moldova. They were commenting on recent activities which have taken place in their countries and what is their personal perspective, for example, regarding violence against journalists as an act of real threat to democracy and human rights.

The session ended with a teaser that part 2 will include an interactive workshop tomorrow, where we will be working in small groups!

We had a cosy and lovely coffee break session between the morning and afternoon sessions, where we discussed some impressions of the three days, of course about COVID conspiracies and vaccination-related topics, and how to mix the digital and non-digital techniques of work: for example whether we still use a pen and paper to make a plan or notes or we all go digital! Hope to see more people engaged tomorrow in the Gather Town!!!

The afternoon session was very intense with Daniel Bagge (and also his Twitter account) Cyber Strategist and Cyber Attaché to the United States and Canada, who was speaking about 5G and geopolitics. The participants shared their numerous questions and we were glad that both Daniel and the participants were eager to continue the talk on this super interesting and burning topic!

Tomorrow we will be having much more fun and interesting sessions! Don’t miss that.



The summary of the previous days. 🙂

#WEASA2021: Day 2

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