WEASA 2019 was called Humans, Machines, Politics, Truth.

In many ways, it was a continuation of the topics we analysed in WEASA 2018 – looking at journalism, disinformation, and digital security. At the same time, the 2019 edition put increasing emphasis on the role that big tech and algorithms play in our democratic landscape.

We therefore looked at:

  • How big tech firms such as Facebook and YouTube make decisions on what content should stay up and what they will remove, and what political impact this has
  • The ways in which algorithms function, how they recommend content to us, shape the media landscape, and how they can sometimes lead to political radicalisation
  • How political and investigative journalism operates in an age of big tech and algorithms, and the ways in which digital technology transformed both the creation and distribution of news and reporting

The WEASA 2019 programme can be found here.

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