Calling all WEASA Alumni!

Do you have a research idea that you would like to pursue that fits the WEASA profile? Perhaps you have been working on a research project but haven’t been able to finish it or need somewhere to publish it?

Proposal your idea for the 2023 WEASA Research Support Grant! WEASA has funding available to provide you (and/or a team) to undertake a small WEASA-related project. The outputs should include a short report that we can publish on the website as well as a presentation to the Alumni community.

The grant amount is 300 EUR. Proposals are due by October 25th. The deadline to complete the research is November 30th.

Proposal could be submitted as a joint project or team of WEASA alumni (in this case the total grant is shared) To submit your proposal, please complete the form here:

There will be an online presentation of the research in December for the public at large.


Previous research included: Situation of NGOs in Belarus, Cyberbullying in North Macedonia and Serbia, Disinformation in the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans:

Questions? Contact us at: