Special offer to WEASA alumni members: Study tour to Poland

Attention WEASA Alumni members from 2020 and 2021 – Apply for a special study tour to Poland December 6-11 to attend the Internet Governance Forum in Katowice and help us build our alumni activities!  What   We are delighted to announce a special study tour to Poland for 15 WEASA alumni members (from the 2020 & 2021 editions) to Katowice during the 16th Annual Internet […]


#WEASA2021: the final day!

The final bold accord of WEASA 2021 was devoted to the investigative journalism and it was presented by one of the bravest investigative journalists in the region Anna Babinets who is the editor-in-Chief of co-founder and editor-in-chief of the independent investigative agency Slidstvo.Info, and also works at OCCRP (Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project). She shined […]


#WEASA2021: Day 7

Whenever we have Łukasz Krol (also his Twitter account) it means that the sessions take very energetic and chaotic character, as he is! The seventh day started with the continuation of the Digital Security session with a Q&A session on secure passwords, the usage of VPNs, COVID-19 related apps and many other digitally-peculiar questions which […]


#WEASA2021: Day 6

ΤAs we promised in our Sunday teasing video, we began this week with one of our amazing sessions with the digital security guru, and Program Designer of #WEASA2021, Łukasz Król (his twitter account as well). Based on the reactions from the participants, the session was truly useful but also entertaining. Łukasz went through a a […]


#WEASA2021: Day 5

Today data expert Becky Kazansky algorithmized us  the whole day! Becky drew connections between algorithms, surveillance, social movements and political outcomes. We had an interesting discussion over the AI-driven phrenology and what to do to escape the traps of facial recognition. The afternoon session was already in our traditionally break out groups, where facilitators had […]


#WEASA2021: Day 4

Even more intense day! Today in the morning session we had an excellent engaging session by Nad’a Kovalčíková (also her Twitter account) Program Manager and Fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy in The German Marshall Fund of the United States and WEASA Program designer Łukasz Krol initiated a very engaging online board with giving the participants to express […]


#WEASA2021: Day 3

What an intense day! 😀 For the morning session Nad’a Kovalčíková (also her Twitter account) Program Manager and Fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy in The German Marshall Fund of the United States, introduced her approach for Building democratic resilience. We were ecstatic to see how the participants as well as our group facilitators, […]


#WEASA2021: Day 2

Today was one of the most awaited sessions for WEASA2021 edition. Today, we hosted experts and trainers from the world renowned Bellingcat with a one-day training session for our participants! Participants got deep insight on the methods and tools on OSINT, or Open Source Intelligence. Pieter van Huis and Aiganysh Aidarbekova shared their investigation experience […]


#WEASA2021 started!!! Day 1

We are truly thrilled to start the 9th edition of WEASA today!!! We have been preparing for this for many months and happy to see that the participants and partners are as excited as we are! The Vice-Rector of College of Europe in Natolin Mrs Ewa Ośniecka-Tamecka honoured us with her presence by delivering engaging opening remarks devoted […]


WEASA Group Facilitators ready! 

Starting from this year, WEASA team has enhanced opportunities for WEASA alimni to stay in touch and network. To help facilitate this process, the WEASA team has launched an online communications platform as a one-stop shop for all WEASA participants, alumni, and partners. The platform allows users to interact with each other, share announcements and learn about […]