WEASA will focus on digital issues in mid-term perspective

27 November 2017

Digital debates are likely to dominate headlines in the years to come, and we decided to spend the next few WEASA editions exploring the digital world in ever greater depth. We're not going to lie - WEASA 2017, with its lively discussions on disinformation, cybersecurity, and social media, definitely inspired us... { read more }

WEASA - week two

14 July 2017

We hit the ground running in week two, starting with in-depth lectures by Janis Rungulis from the EEAS StratCom and Maria Zhdanova from Both of them shared their organisations' experiences at combating Russian disinformation and propaganda while engaging in deep discussions with participants, who wanted to know more about... { read more }

Week one has come to a close

7 July 2017

Week 1 has come to a close and what a week it was First - we learned plenty about the role of social media in democracy and diplomacy. Moira Whelan, who managed the US State Department's social media strategies, gave a series of lectures and fireside chats. Kateryna Kruk, whose... { read more }

WEASA 2017 has officially begun!

3 July 2017

WEASA 2017 has officially begun! The first day was quite a packed one. Participants got to know one another, both at mealtimes and at a visit to the wonderful Wilanów Palace. The whole day culminated in our formal opening ceremony and a formal dinner in the palace. Participants listened to... { read more }

WEASA 2017 recruitment results

14 April 2017

WEASA 2017 selected candidates have been informed of the Selection Committee decision. Selection of WEASA 2017 participants was an extremly hard task, as this year we have recieved more than 400 applications. We would like to thank all the applicants for the interest in WEASA.

Call for applications: WEASA for Western Balkans

26 January 2017

We are happy to announce WEASA  2017 extension for the citizens of the Western Balkan Countries. The WEASA 2017 edition will be devoted to the issue of “Digital Community: Security, Information and Economy”. We encourage in particular up-and-coming policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, journalists, private sector specialists and NGOs... { read more }

WEASA 2016 publication

26 January 2017

We are happy to present WEASA 2016 publication in which WEASA participants and speakers present their reflection on the issues covered during the fourth edition of the Academy. Our authors covered the following topics: Euro-Atlantic support to Eastern Partnership countries on Regional Policy and Development: Introduction (Hrant Kostanyan) Lessons from... { read more }