#WEASA2021 started!!! Day 1

We are truly thrilled to start the 9th edition of WEASA today!!! We have been preparing for this for many months and happy to see that the participants and partners are as excited as we are! The Vice-Rector of College of Europe in Natolin Mrs Ewa Ośniecka-Tamecka honoured us with her presence by delivering engaging opening remarks devoted […]


WEASA Group Facilitators ready! 

Starting from this year, WEASA team has enhanced opportunities for WEASA alimni to stay in touch and network. To help facilitate this process, the WEASA team has launched an online communications platform as a one-stop shop for all WEASA participants, alumni, and partners. The platform allows users to interact with each other, share announcements and learn about […]


Meet the #WEASA2021 participants

In just one week, 50 representatives coming from 13 countries of the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans, and Poland will be joining us at the 2021 edition of the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA).    The WEASA 2021 participants have been chosen by our external evaluators, taking into account the following criteria of the applicants:  professional achievements;  public policy involvement;  leadership and professional efficiency;  clarity and […]


WEASA 2021 Participants Selected

We are pleased to announce that the official recruitment has completed and 50 applicants have been selected to participate in the 2021 edition of the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA), with the theme: “Whose technology? Whose interests? Power and influence in the Digital Age”. For this year’s edition, over 120 highly-qualified applicants from the Eastern […]


Calling WEASA Alumni! Apply to be a #WEASA2021 Group Facilitator!

What does a group facilitator do? This year we want to engage our alumni even more, so we decided to provide the opportunity for previous WEASA participants to stay involved. We encourage all interested alumni to apply to become a group facilitator for the 2021 edition. We are seeking 5 WEASA Alumni to take an […]


WEASA Opportunities #3: Priceless connections

WEASA brings together professionals from 13 countries!  Once you arrive in WEASA you have the chance to meet policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, NGO professionals or journalists from the countries of the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans and Poland, who are eager to enhance their network. Each year we add about 50 more WEASA alumni members!    WEASA is about good connections and it is up to you […]


“Storytelling, Propaganda, and the Crisis of Western Liberalism” Workshop on May 5

The Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA) is pleased to invite you to take part in a special workshop titled: “Storytelling, Propaganda, and the Crisis of Western Liberalism”, which will take place on May 5th, at 17.00 Warsaw time (CET). The workshop will be conducted by Brian Whitmore – a non-resident Senior Fellow with The Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at […]


New deadline for #WEASA2021 applications: May 15th

We are pleased to announce that we have extended the deadline for WEASA2021 until May 15th.   We encourage all those interested to register and submit your applications on time!  Click here to register and start the application process:  More information about #WEASA2021 can be found here: https://www.weasa.org/editions/weasa-2021/  For WEASA alumni – Do not forget to register to our Communication Platform and start interacting with your colleagues from all previous WEASA editions.  For the ones […]


WEASA Opportunity #2 Group Facilitation

We are pleased to announce that starting from this year WEASA will give a chance to its alumni members to take part in WEASA content facilitation.   Apart from big group sessions, we will have min groups for which we will need group facilitators and we have thought: “Who else if not our alumni members can […]


WEASA Opportunities #1: Fellowship

WEASA first started as a summer academy. Later, we added microgrants which gave participants the opportunity to network and build their own projects. Now, we have developed an ambitious new program for our alumni – introducing the WEASA Fellowship Program! The WEASA Fellowship Program is designed exclusively for WEASA alumni members to meet their professional needs and help them stay in more touch with WEASA and further improve their professionalism and networking. This is a program for talented mid-career professionals who […]